10 Unheard Event Planning Jobs One Can Be Surprised To Know

What Is The Job Of An Event Planner?

The job of an event planner is vast; it involves planning, organising, coordinating, staging and executing on the final stage. Now, one might need to hire an event planner in cases where there is a meeting to organise or coordinate a destination wedding. Depending on the type of event the job of an event planner varies.

The Qualification Of An Event Planner: The qualification to become an event planner can be hard to put in words as the scope and field of work is quite broad to put it in few words. A person without any college education can surely become a successful event planner.

Here is a list of 10 event planning jobs you will be surprised to know:

  • Event Producer: It is a sort of full-time job who gets hired to look after a range of exclusive and high-end events on behalf of some event management house.
  • Book Fair Merchandiser: A person interested in the educational field can surely become a good Book fair merchandiser. It is more of a part-time job which can help a college student to make a few bucks along with some field experience.
  • Community Coordinator: The work of this event planner is mostly concerned with community and in-store events. It is another part-time job where the coordinator needs to promote, host, coordinate with different departments and execute the function.
  • Communication and Special Events Coordinator: The job of this particular person is to build the image of an event not only in a community but also in the social media and online platform.
  • Activity Specialist: The job of the person is to coordinate and handle activities related to managing different types of equipment and tools in a particular event. For, g., In a science fair event, his job is to handle all the robotics, space travel equipment and many more.
  • Conference and Events Coordinator: It is a full-time job which is related to the academic section whose job is to plan educational and business conferences.
  • Meeting Planner: A person coming from a business and fundraising background, this can become the ideal job for him. His job is to plan conferences and build networking with other organisations.
  • Event Representative: It is one of the most heard of a part-time job where the person employed needs to represent his event in sponsored and local events.
  • Special Event Assistant: A person interested in sports and wants to make some bucks as a freelancer, it can be ideal for such people.
  • Event Exhibit and Sponsorship Coordinator: The fitness industry mostly hires them on a part-time basis.

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