17 New And Emerging Roles In The Event Industry

In recent times, a large number of students are taking up event management as a career option. The sudden change is contributed to two factors. Firstly, due to flooding of the market in conventional industry and secondly the rapid emergence of advertising and event management industry are the contributing factors. In this blog, we will talk about 17 roles that commoners are not aware of in Event Industry.

  • Event Tech Expert: When a significant event gets hosted, several technical aspects are present which requires serious technical knowledge.
  • Social Media Coordinator: In the current market, the best form of advertisement probably gets done via the social media platform. Now, a leading event house hires a person who dedicates himself to handling all the matter related to social media.
  • Digital Concierge: Many may not consider this as a career option, but while hosting a major event the concierge does the task of making all the bookings via the app or any other platform.
  • Meeting Designer: The work of the person is to set up the meeting in such a way that the client feels that he is getting the best out of the deal. It is more related to the psychological aspect of the person.
  • Conference Architect: As the name suggests, he is the person who lays the founding stone of a conference. His job is quite similar to an event architect.
  • Event Videographer: The video making has gone on to a different level in recent times forcing the manager to hire a videographer who will be responsible with the task of video making of the entire event.
  • Digital Analytics Manager: It is one of the careers that is on a steep rise. The data analysis is one of the most rewarding jobs in the current market, and data analysis found its place in event management as well.
  • Customer Experience Manager: Any events related to customer service, the manager dedicated to customer experience find its place. The manager keeps the record of the customer who visited a particular event.
  • Manager of Event Security: This is another job opening which intertwined with the event industry. The security of the property and personnel involved with the event is of utmost importance.
  • Event Sustainability Coordinator: As the trend of going green is getting more and more important, the job of this particular coordinator is to look at what changes make his event more environment-friendly.
  • Event Reporter: Any person can report an event using the live feed of various social platforms. The job of the Event reporter is to record the entire event on behalf of the organiser.
  • Creative Director: These guys do the major work. An event is worth memorable only if it is innovative to lay a mark on the people, the creative director is the guy who is responsible for the job.
  • Live Feedback Manager: During a live event, the organisers constantly get feedback from the viewers. The organisers hire a person who is held responsible for handling such feedbacks properly.
  • Sponsorship Manager: Money will always take centre stage while organising an event. The job of a sponsorship manager is to handle all sponsorship contracts of various firms.
  • Diversity Coordinator: The job of the coordinator is mostly with human resource management.
  • Creative Event Caterer or Florist: They are mostly involved with decoration and presentation of the arena to the audience. The traditional caterers are getting replaced by such creative event caterer.
  • Virtual Event Planner: Most event managers take their business to online platform making it very important to hire a Virtual Event Manager.

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