8 Superior Technologies to Assist Event Managers

Today, from the easiest task to the most complicated ones are performed with the help of developing technology. This has reduced tremendous dependency on human faculties and increased dependency on technology. This is no exception for an event manager. An event manager has to conceptualize and execute an event from scratch. Thus, at times it becomes a great burden for him/her to manually accomplish every task and look into the nitty-gritty of the event.To suit the needs of the fast paced lives of an event manager and to assist in the smooth execution of an event, tools are available in the market.


There are some must-try technologies which have been tried and tested by event managers all over the world. They have been successful as important tools in the hands of event managers. Some of them are listed below.


Xylobands– are a form of wearable technology. These bands have the ability to transmit and receive radio wavelengths, making them apt for communication. The Xyloband market all over the world is expected to turn over around 5. 8 billion by 2018. This is an effective way for artists on-stage to communicate with their audience. In fact, it would ensure participation of the audience in an organized and inclusive manner. It has been used in large scale music concerts and festivals like The Coldplay. It is also used by the sports event industry and at corporate events.



Crowd Connected– How do you ensure that you attract new visitors and audience for your events? Crowd Connected is an interesting tool that uses geo-location software to detect where an individual was and where an individual is. With the help of this information, messages can be broadcast to them with information regarding new events which might be in their area of interest. The messages can have a personal and informative tone without sounding spammy and hence would attract eyeballs if you have an interesting event to showcase to the world.



Glisser– During large scale corporate events or workshop webinars, there are often unanswered questions from the audience which they are asked to direct to the speakers through emails. But over time, these questions are lost in the maze of one’s memory. However, Glisser provides the organizers of these events to give the audience an opportunity to direct on-spot questions to the speakers and get them answered then and there. The software allows sorting of questions, real-time question inputs as well as real-time poll conduction. Moreover, it has the feature of synchronized live tweets taking care of the social media aspect as well.



Slack– Has carrying a walkie-talkie become somewhat difficult in modern times? Have the noise levels soared so high that the radio signals are undetectable for internal team communication? Then slack is the best software to keep you in touch through instant messages, photographs and video transmission among your team members. This application is ideal for sports events, music concerts, etc. where it often gets difficult to control the team and keep track of one another in the maddening crowd.



Super Planner– Finance is a huge aspect of any event. From gathering investors to collaborating with brands for sponsorships, is an integral part of the functions performed by an event manager. However, just as gathering finance is significant, similarly disseminating it to the right channels are equally important. Right after drafting a plan for the event, the focus is shifted to finance allocation for the services provided in each phase. At times, it gets difficult to keep track of all the financial deals. Hence, the Super Planner is tool which ensures that all the financial commitments are fulfilled from the event manager’s end.


Boomset– Every event has a registration process to keep a count of the audience turnout. However, it gets manually difficult to keep track of the registrations which are spaced out over a number of days. The Boomset is an Application which takes care of the registration process. In fact, the software has been designed to take care of supplementary necessities like identity badges and wristbands as well.


Capsule– An event is incomplete without capturing its moments. However, with too many people photographing  an event, it becomes difficult to keep track of the photographs. Hence, Capsule can be downloaded by the team members and user can upload their photographs for common usage purposes. This App also provides the benefit of a Marketplace, where users can order multiple prints of the photographs. This is a perfect App to curate all the moments of an event and mass distribute them, if needed.


AllSeated– At times, certain events like wedding and conferences require floor plans, guest seating arrangement and the likes to be drawn and indicated. It can be quite a tedious task to draw them by hand. But the AllSeated App can be used to assist in drawing these complicated images. It can be shared with the required members through an online dashboard, so that the entire team is aware of the plan.


Innovation, Adaptation and Development are the key facilitators in the field of development. All these technologies are constantly being developed and re-introduced depending on their real -life and real- time delivery ability. With the addition of such technologies, almost every day in the market, event managers are often spoilt for choices. But the success of these technologies would only depend when they have been implemented on field with desired outcomes.


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