5 Ways to Ensure More Footfalls at Your Event

mass-communication-courses-825x510Got a major event coming up? Worried about attracting enough attendees to keep the venue crowded? Well, that would be difficult to achieve, if you only rely on word of mouth marketing and handing out printed brochures on a street corner. Unless you can afford to place front page ads on leading dailies and book prime time ad slots on TV, your best bet is extensive digital marketing, plain and simple.

Many event planners are interested in digital marketing these days, but many don’t have a clear idea regarding the right ways to do it. If you are one of them, then here are 5 digital marketing tactics that you can always use:

1.Promote it on LinkedIn: If you are trying to attract professionals to your event, then LinkedIn is your best bet, simply because pretty much every professional worth his (or her) salt has a profile there. Create a profile (or use an existing one) and build a company page for the event. Invite people and run ads for better exposure.

2.Create an event and a page on Facebook: This one is a tried and tested favourite for event marketers, and with good reason. Create a page for the event, post updates regularly, and run ads. You will attract lots of people to the page. You should also create a Facebook event and link the page to that for even better exposure.

3.Promote it regularly on Twitter: Create a Twitter account (or use an existing one) to promote links to the event website, the Facebook page, and of course, the Facebook event. If there are any special offers for attendees, do not forget to post updates about those as well. 4-6 updates per day would be ideal.

4.Tap into Foursquare: Create an entry for the event and list it under entertainment. You should be able to attract quite a few attendees for free. What’s more – you can post a link to the entry on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for even greater exposure.

5.Do extensive email marketing: Add a subscription button for newsletters regarding the event. Add the email IDs of people who opt for it to a CSV file. Sign up for an account on MailChimp, upload the CSV file as data source for the MC database and send out fortnightly newsletters about the event to everyone on the list. For best results, do this for at least a couple of months before the event.

Event marketing is not an easy task. However, when you are well trained at one of the major mass communication institutes in India, your job becomes much easier. Contact us today to get started on the right path to a shining career.

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