A life-skills workshop that uses tools of Theatre to develop your personality.


Theatre develops people as individuals. The search for an identity is an urgent need for all. The acting of a role in a scene or in a play, demands an understanding of the participant’s own personal resources and those of the character. The participant gains understanding of his/her own behavior, strong points and weak points. First and foremost, you must understand that developing your personality does not mean that you have to evolve or emerge as a different personality at the end of this workshop. After the end of these few weeks, the plan is to push you to be the best possible version of yourself, not someone different, just you at your shiny, refined, polished, perfected best. The participant also gains sensitivity for the emotions/attitudes of other people and their personality types, which carries over into their daily life and is becoming very important as a communication and relationship building tool in the workplace and fast-paced life.

The study of the techniques of acting – the effective use of the tools of voice and body – are the practical means by which participants improve their physical and emotional expressiveness and their ability to communicate effectively in different types of situations. This experience in self-development and social adjustment is a reasonable means for finding the individual identity so sought after today. The changing world of theatre is typical of the changing world the participants will be facing in the immediate and distant future. Therefore their development as an individual is of vital significance not only to their personal but also to their professional life. Every academic subject deals with the growth of the student. But dramatics deals with the student personally, more than any other subject does, because of their relation to the parts they play and to the other members of the group. In no other art is the individuality of the participant more important. Radical improvement of the participant’s mental, emotional, social and physical status will be the most enduring satisfactions of a course in theatre. Each person attending this workshop plays a part as they encounter different situations and people in daily life. Each person has to become a different personality depending on whether they are at home or in school or at work or involved with other groups. Such chameleon-like personality shifts leads to in-depth self analysis and nurtures strong characters. Still, there is far more that theatre can do. At the center of all theatre is communication and speaking skills. Theater provides training in the very practical aspects of communication so necessary in today’s increasingly information centered world. Let us look forward to creating confident, unbiased, balanced, disciplined, analytical and articulate individuals.

Conducted by personalities from the theatre, communication and entertainment industry,this workshop is ideal for anyone looking to develop important life skills to manage a better quality life.

In this Workshop, we will be covering the following-

1) Understanding who you are.

2) Working out who you want to be.

3) Focusing on reality – Your strong and weak points

4) Emotions and Spontaneity – Expressing yourself effectively

5) Developing Body Language – Nonverbal Communication

6) Developing the Voice – Using correct Modulation and Intonation as a Good Speaker

7) Building a Character – Managing your Anger and Positive Rational Thinking

8) The Personality without – Grooming Yourself

9) Problem Solving and Decision Making

10) Building a Life Script.

11) Rehearsing for your Life Script.

12) Acting out a Life Script – This final session will be assessed.


Eligibility: Adults
Duration:  1 Month
Next Batch: November
No of Classes: 10 (3 hours each)


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Industry Speak

  • The team from NAME has had a big role to play in our event ‘India Speed Week’. Through a skeleton group before the event and the whole group during the event, The Institution actively participated with us, at every stage. I salute to the entire group of students, its faculty & managers in pulling this off bravely and successfully for us and with us. I will look forward to NAME’s enthusiastic participation in the future as well.


  • The Event Industry in East India is growing & It’s good to see an event academy in Kolkata giving the young aspirants complete training as per Industry requirements. I had a wonderful interaction with NAME students. They are full of energy & have eagerness to learn. We would be happy to have them working in for our events in Bombay as well.”

    Mr. Deepak Choudhury - Founder Event Capital, & author of Event management book, STAGED.

  • I think N.A.M.E is very beneficial for discovering choices. It has helped kids, know themselves better and become leaders. It has also found a way to give back to the community through volunteering and provides kids with in-numerous other options.


  • I have got many students as an intern for my events from different institutes but N.A.M.E is a kind of Institute which produce genuine professionals having sound knowledge in Event Planning and Management. I am sure that I am going to take interns to create my professional team for my upcoming Events from this Institute.


  • The first thing I noticed about the Academy and its students is the spirit of creativity and positivity. As a visiting faculty, it was a very welcome change from many of the other institutions I have taught in. The willingness to try out new concepts and ideas, the infectious enthusiasm was very encouraging. The students seemed to be quite well-informed about many concepts and premises which made the session extremely interesting.


  • A growing institute with a strong vision, and an essential place for all young and aspiring event managers.

    Rehan Imam Waris - Chief - Voiceworx Events & Workshops

Students Speak

  • NAME is the best place you can find to study event management in Kolkata. This is a wonderful place. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, 10/10. The combination of the richness of shared experiences, the learning and the practical training that occurs in a ‘one room school house’ is just amazing. The course is excellent! One of the best I’ve been to in my career. Comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable presenters. Masterfully executed !

    Nikesh Kumar Agarwala - Batch-4

  • Being a part of the institute gave me great exposure and a chance to understand the event management industry. NAME has enhanced my skills which i can use in event industry. The faculties are very helpful and as they share their experience it makes easy for us to tackle the obstacles we face during events..

    Jainesh Surana - Batch-3

  • Managing Events is my passion and NAME helped me to follow my passion with both practical as well as the theoritical exposure.
    My course of Event management has helped me to gain more knowledge in the field of events as well as in all the aspects of life ……

    Nikhil Sharma - Batch-2

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