Every story has “Something to say”, A story is not a work of fiction; it is a hidden truth.
The truth is not how the company perceives itself. But how the world perceives the brand.

Advertising  is the means of informing as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through visual or oral messages. A product or service is advertised to create an awareness in the minds of potential buyers. Some of the commonly used media for advertising are T.V., radio, websites, newspapers, magazines, bill-boards, hoardings etc. As a result of economic liberalization and the changing social trends advertising industry has shown rapid growth in the last decade.

Besides Advertising, Public Relations plays an important role in the Brand Building process which also supports in the development of Integrated Marketing Communication strategies.

Integrated Marketing Communication is commonly applied now a days in the process of Branding and Selling. Earlier Advertising and Public Relations evolved vastly in the process of sales and branding but with the evolution of modern and digital technology consumers also apply the medium to find their requirements and that is where the Integrated Marketing Communication plays an important role.

NAME has meticulously designed the course to help students getting hands-on integrated skills with all the techniques of marketing with proper sound knowledge of Creative and production process.


How To Apply

Admission is on First-come-First-Served basis & open for all. You can directly apply online. Admission is only on the basis of the reasons you give why you wish to study Advertising & Marketing. No previous experience of Advertising & Marketing required.

What we are essentially looking for is raw talent & collaborative skills.

Students applying for N.A.M.E come from a wide-spectrum of educational background and from different age groups including College Students, Senior Management Professionals, IT Engineers, Architects, Town-Planners, MD Doctors, Brain Surgeons, Sr. Army Officers, Fighter Pilots, Space Scientists, Advertising Professionals, Print & Media Journalists, Supreme Court lawyers, College Professors, Painters, Fashion Designers, Animators, Actors, Writers, Choreographers and other professional from India & abroad.

How to Apply: Seats are limited. Students come from all India, so seats fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, Applicants are advised to register at the earliest. You do not need to pay anything when you register online for admission in N.A.M.E Programme. On approval of your application, you shall receive an Admission Notification from our office, then only you pay your fees by NEFT or directly deposit cheque in HDFC Bank.


 We’ll get back to you within 24h on business days.


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