Are You Aspiring For An Event Planning Career? Here Are 8 Worthy Options To Consider

If you have set your plans to give your event planning career a push, you must read this blog to have a fair idea about the fruitful options that you can weigh and then opt for!

If you wish create successful career in event management, you will need to equip yourself with key skills, the ability to multi task, the talent to plan events impeccably and locate effective solutions to problems even through the worst of chaos. If you are prepared with core attributes, here are a few potent career choices in this field that will be most suitable to your interests…

The Conventional Event Planner As the conventional event planner, you will responsible for each and every aspect of the event starting from logistics and décor, to food, programs, decoration, sending invites, guest management etc. The job comes with massive responsibilities and often requires a whole team working for the cause under your direction.

Sponsorship Coordinator Sponsorship coordinators are those that are responsible for organizing events to generate funds for non profit organizations. This includes everything from inviting the right guests like influential business owners, reputed corporate entities, sportsmen, actors etc to arranging dinners / lunches and more. You will require outstanding people skills and communication skills to qualify as a sponsorship coordinator.

Wedding Planner As a wedding planner you are expected to know every nook and corner of the industry per se. From picking out the most suitable wedding clothes for the bride and groom to planning themes, picking the location, catering, sending guest invites, organizing programs and getting marriage certificates, the task of running the show at its best will be on your shoulders.

Location Planner Also known as venue managers, the task requires you to organize a given event perfectly in a chosen location. Here, you will have to ensure that each and every aspect of the event including guests, performers etc fit in perfectly in the given venue while minimizing chances of chaos. Venue managers are also hired to promote certain spaces for upcoming shows / events.

Social Media Coordinator Taking an event to the social media platform and generating maximum attention towards the same from target viewers is the core responsibility of a social media coordinator. The position often requires interested candidates to possess certified digital marketing and social media expertise considering that all top events held across the globe are incomplete without proper exposure in the social media.

Volunteer CoordinatorCertain organizations hire volunteers to assist with certain events like those for mass awareness, health camps, rallies, marathons etc. Here, the volunteers often lack the necessary skills to attend to their given duties. Volunteer coordinators in this respect, help in training the volunteers in as less as a couple of hours and ensure health execution of duties given to them. The coordinators are also responsible for handling any issue that may arise in the event and address the same successfully.

Catering Managers If you are a food lover and specialize in cuisines, you are perfect to manage catering in events. Basically, you will be required to understand the tastes and preferences of guests and plan out lunch, dinner or tea accordingly. You will also be responsible for the layout, cost management and ensure there are no grievances.

Communication Coordinator Communication is the key to running an event smoothly and faultlessly. As a communications manager, it will be your duty to stay informed and connect every aspect of the event with each other seamlessly. You may also be in charge of promoting events and marketing once in a while.

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