Band Baaja Baaraat… Professional Wedding Planning Courses In Kolkata!

It’s the biggest, most anticipated day of many people’s lives. Yet, despite the months, or perhaps years of planning for the special event, things along the way, and on the day itself, can go wrong. Some people choose to plan their wedding themselves. While it is ultimately up to the people getting married, we would always suggest getting a skilled planner for the wedding. Planning can help a wedding run smoothly and will make the event more beautiful and seamless. As Mr. Chitvan Jaipuria, owner of CJ’s Events in Kolkata aptly puts it.

“To make the weddings special these days, families are hiring wedding planners, as they essentially bring Fresh Designs, Innovative Layouts, & Clever Costings. A skilled wedding planner must focus on delivering on these areas.”

With the wedding season in full play it is important to figure out factors which can make or break a wedding. Food, Entertainment and Décor are the important elements. Get them all right and you have a full-fledged successful wedding event on your hands. To go from ordinary to legendary you need precise and professional organisational skills which can be hard to achieve without a professional touch because weddings have a plethora of other personal responsibilities too which is easy enough to get tangled in when flying solo for management.

As we move into the modern age, just having enhanced organizational skills also don’t cut it.  Wedding planning demands fresh creative ideas & innovation. Says, Renowned Wedding Planner, Ms. Nidhi Poddar, Owner of Emerald Events, who recently managed the big fat wedding of the famous TODI family in Kolkata. 

The ambience creates the right experience at weddings. And Decor plays a huge role in that. We have to constantly think new & innovate. Like this season we have experimented with fusion decor with a blend of desi & contemporary props. We have also incorporated eco-friendly products, green & jute in the decor for a unique touch. We recently created a luxurious Mandap with use of pure Swarovskis that was extraordinary, the first of  it’s kind & was highly appreciated.”

So the order of the day is that you need specialists & professionals handling your wedding to meet its optimum potential. ‘Wedding planners’ where do they come from? You cannot just buy them from the super market or order them through some online store. It takes years of experience to become a successful wedding planner, let alone a NAME. But we have one such institute in Eastern India which  focuses on grooming and honing the skills of young enthusiastic individuals who plan to venture into the field of event management & wedding planning. National Academy of Media & Events is that NAME. Where importance is given to the fact that each individual gets professional training through active industry professionals.

Explains our Brand Head, Ms. Sneha Maloo,

The need and importance for professional training & creative minds in the event industry is even more than earlier. One of the most basic things covered in the course at NAME is communication & team management. Confidence & clarity in communication is the key to great coordination. Events being a vast field there are innumerable people involved in a single project, dealing with them skilfully is an art to execution.

Students of NAME are currently interning in almost all the reputed wedding planning companies in Kolkata. Mr. Siddhartha Saraoggi, owner of Credo events,  & a visiting faculty at NAME, talks about imparting wedding planning skills to students through live experiences.

Students of NAME work with us to get practical training. They recently assisted us at a grand destination wedding in Puri. They are the future of the industry so it feels good to see them learning through actual work; covering all key areas right from production, hospitality, decor, & entertainment”.

NAME is not only a school but a well-structured institute and your gateway to the Event Industry in India. Wedding Planners and event organizers are not just produced here or created, they are trained and given an addiction for innovation and uniqueness. It takes hard work and integrity to reach the top no doubt but you also need the right guidance,   “YOU need NAME to become ONE.


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