Be a Rockstar with 8 Renowned Event Planning & Management Software

An event organizer is expected to have the quality of mastering multiple tasks under a specific time frame. To have a successful and smooth event, the organizer has to ensure that everything is in the right track and this is not something simple, especially when handled manually. Academic, association and corporate conferences need extra attention because there are some additional things to look after.

Due to this, event management software has become the best friend of an event planner. Conference management tools are also there that keep everything organized and save time. However, one has to remember that single software cannot serve all purpose; every tool has its specific function. Therefore, one should compare different kinds of event management softwares to have the best one meeting his needs.


  • Whova All-in-One Event Management Software

This is mobile-friendly, affordable, all-in-one event management platform having many advanced technology. No need to juggle with several softwares. This software enables seamless management of event right from start to end within one single system. Whova gives flexibility to the organizer to manage certain functionalities as per his needs.

  • Eventbrite

This is a popular management tool for all types of events, whether it is small meetings or large concerts. One can customize the system according to his needs. Registration can be easily done through phones. Event managers can even use them for sending reminders and email confirmations.

  • Trello

This is a project management software. So, people in task management that has “to-do”, “doing” and “done” approach will find this tool useful. It has good collaboration features, powerful visual interface and simple usability. This software cannot give a picture of the whole project scenario, though communication is strong within Trello.

  • Cvent

Cvent has services and software for online registration, traveling, housing, venue sourcing and so on. Their venue searching option is no doubt useful but, is restricted to hotels only. This software is right for high-end events where cost is not much concern.

  • DoubleDutch

This is a reputable event app provider. Since this is an expensive choice, it is suitable for top class large events like tradeshows and enterprise events. Development team of DoubleDutch helps to build one’s own app with back-end integration and complex customized features.

  • Social Tables

This event management software simplifies seating charts creation, guest check-in and room layout designing. This is help for small to middle size social events like a wedding. Event planners will get near to perfect result.

  • WordPress Theme

WordPress is a content management software that can be fully customized. There are WordPress themes for event and conference management. Organizers can build their own event website with this software.

  • Everwall

This is a social media platform that displays post quickly and also offers extensive advertising options, customization and moderation. Live tweets are displayed on big screen through this social media wall. Thus, you can reach out the audience in real time and effectively.

Here is the list of popular event management software. You can now decide confidently which option to explore. Don’t choose the software we say is the best; rather choose the one that will work best for your event.

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