Why Content is Still the Badshaah of the Trade?

Content is King, is a consistent saying that contemporary world harps upon. There are two primary facets about Content. First, it’s developing fluidity with changing consciousness of the content consumers; and second, the very nature of content. Earlier, content was defined as written material; but today the formats have changed from written material, to videos in the form of films, documentaries etc; audios like music ; as well as advertisement. Content is constantly developing and so are its medium of consumption. Event and branding are two important aspects of content curation. Events like literature festivals, film festivals, workshops, seminars, content festivals helps in understanding the audience perspective of creating content which changes ever so often. Branding on the other hand seals the content in the minds of the audience through the element of trust. With the ever growing requirement of fresh content and understanding the psyche of the audience, there is a strong urge to create a platform where content is discuss, experimented with , critically visualised and reinvented with new thought process. Thus, the birth of various Content Festivals in India.

India Film Project

The India Film Project, held on the 29th of September and 1st of October is the renowned annual Content festival in India. In fact, it has already earned the epithet of being Asia’s largest Content Creation Festival where writers, producers, actors, film-makers, film critiques, Event Management and Talent Hunt Companies , Ad Film Makers, Authors and many more eminent personalities come together and share the stage. It also engages the audience into various categories of film-making competitions. This year, the festival was held in Mumbai and saw the likes of Kunal Kapoor,Neha Dhupia, Dia Mirza, Devdutt Pattanaik, Anupama Chopra, Prahlad Kakar, Pratish Nair and many others occupy the stage.

The idea of the festival was to visualise content through the audience perspective and trade ideas to give value to the what’s-in-it-for-me perception of the content consumers. The session on The New Indian Audience hosted by Tarsame Mittal (™ Talent Management) and Sattvik Mishra (CEO Scoopwhoop) discussed about the various concepts that have made the contemporary indian audience hungry for fresh and energizing content. Brand Infatuated to Web hosted by Tarun Tripathi (ONL, Ex-TVF, YRF), Senthil Kumar (JWT) and  Karthik Nagarajan (Group M) focussed on how audience have taken to short web series like Triplings or Pitchers. Veteran Ad Film Maker, Prahlad Kakar conducted a workshop on Branding and Grammar of Ad Film Making. According to him, “ Get up and get it (the content) down before it disappears.” He focused on the main fact that the attention span of an individual is very short. Thus, one must be to-the-point in inserting the fresh idea in the minds of the people, lest it disappears from the memories of the both the content creator and the content consumer.

Mumbai Film Festival – JIO MAMI

Film Festivals are an eye opener to the outrageous number of intellectually curated content for the audience which are less commercialised but have the flavour of contemporary culture, emotions and knowledge. It exposes the audience to the wide variety of Regional, National and International films and documentaries which speak to the audience through its storylines. An important aspect of such festivals are that the movies that are screened here are not always big-budget movies with an ensemble cast. In fact, the movie might be made by college -goers but it is rich in content and has earned the meritorious position of being screened in the Mumbai Film Festival.  

The 19th Mumbai Film Festival has been screening movies in numerous venues. It has kept in mind the types of audience who would be attending the festivals and have catered to the needs of schools as well to inculcate the idea of films as a learning resource. Certain sessions were preceded or succeeded by interaction with the director and /or the cast of the movie. MAMI hosted films from various countries like Japan, Chile, USA, Poland, Austria, Belgium , Hong Kong and many others. Getting exposed to movies from other countries would not only give people fresh perspective of situations but also inculcate in them the idea of accepting the cosmopolitanism of contemporary society.

Hindustan UniLever Content Summit

The Hindustan Unilever (HUL) Content Summit is one of the leading summits organised by a FMCG brand. The hosting of this Summit for the sixth successful year only defines the need of new content ideas and content revision strategies for the sustenance of a brand. Content has become a driving force for the proper channelizing and marketing of a brand and its product. Today with content shifting to the digital platform rapidly, established brands are having to modify their promotional strategies with content tailor made for each of the Social Media and other electronic platforms. Amidst all these strategies, content still remains the crux. The strategies are only implemented to deliver the simple idea with a fresh flavour to it in accordance to the likings of the consumers.

Hence, the constant need to redefine content according to the changing environment has contributed to the advent of content festivals in India. This just provides impetus to the fact that no matter what platform one uses or how aesthetically ideas are presented, content itself rules primarily and then comes the presentation and aesthetic skills of the content creator.

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