Professional Diploma in Commercial Photography

Our photography school focuses on the practical elements of photography, so students not only learn the essential theory taught by any photography program, but also master the technical and business practices that will help students realize their professional goals upon completion of our photography school.

Our course offers students the remarkable opportunity to study photography under professional photographers who remain active in many genres of photography, from fine art to fashion, commercial work to photojournalism. The instructors are not simply interested in producing competent photographers, but artists who each possess a singular voice that will make their work immediately recognizable. Furthermore, the curriculum and faculty at the photography school is also focused on preparing students to apply what they have learned in class and their coursework to the real world. Simply put, students receive an extraordinary educational experience designed to best prepare them to achieve their professional goals.


Phase 1 (2months)

  • History and evolution of photography
  • The camera in detail
  • Principles of light

Phase 2 (2 Months)

  • Chemistry of Photography
  • Basic photography techniques

Phase 3 (2 months)

  • Advanced photography techniques
  • Digital Photography

Phase 4 (2 months)

  • Different areas of photography ( Research on any genre of choice)
    • Industrial Advertising
    • News
    • Photo Journalism
    • Fashion
    • Travel & Wild life

Phase 5 (1 months)

  • Choosing the right equipment for the job
  • The commerce of photography


Photoshop ( 2 months)

1 month: Working experience with any one client.


Eligibility: Class 12 passed
Selection criteria: NAME aptitude test & personal interview
Course duration:  One Year, Full time
Next Batch Starts: February, 2018
Total Seats: 20



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Industry Speak

  • The team from NAME has had a big role to play in our event ‘India Speed Week’. Through a skeleton group before the event and the whole group during the event, The Institution actively participated with us, at every stage. I salute to the entire group of students, its faculty & managers in pulling this off bravely and successfully for us and with us. I will look forward to NAME’s enthusiastic participation in the future as well.


  • The Event Industry in East India is growing & It’s good to see an event academy in Kolkata giving the young aspirants complete training as per Industry requirements. I had a wonderful interaction with NAME students. They are full of energy & have eagerness to learn. We would be happy to have them working in for our events in Bombay as well.

    Mr. Deepak Choudhury - Founder Event Capital, & author of Event management book, STAGED

  • I think N.A.M.E is very beneficial for discovering choices. It has helped kids, know themselves better and become leaders. It has also found a way to give back to the community through volunteering and provides kids with in-numerous other options.


  • I have got many students as an intern for my events from different institutes but N.A.M.E is a kind of Institute which produce genuine professionals having sound knowledge in Event Planning and Management. I am sure that I am going to take interns to create my professional team for my upcoming Events from this Institute.


  • The first thing I noticed about the Academy and its students is the spirit of creativity and positivity. As a visiting faculty, it was a very welcome change from many of the other institutions I have taught in. The willingness to try out new concepts and ideas, the infectious enthusiasm was very encouraging. The students seemed to be quite well-informed about many concepts and premises which made the session extremely interesting.


  • A growing institute with a strong vision, and an essential place for all young and aspiring event managers.

    Rehan Imam Waris - Chief - Voiceworx Events & Workshops

Students Speak

  • National Academy of media and Events was a pool of opportunity for me. I got a great exposure to the event industry. The theory classes and the on the ground training were very helpful in the better understanding of this industry. Also, our team got to work on our own project where I built a great confidence and professionalism which will be helpful throughout my life.
    Thanks to NAME for giving all these opportunities and also the internship in Mumbai where I can grow in the full-fledged industry of events.

    Kartik Sancheti - Batch-5

  • National Academy of Media and Event has helped me to take a huge step towards my dream and my career. Each faculty imparted such valuable knowledge out of there experience and the on-ground training was so enriching and fulfilling. I feel, coming to NAME was one of my best decision ever.
    Also working on the own project helped in making some contacts, adapting to the industry and step into the profession of Event Management in the period of the one-year diploma course.
    Getting an internship in Mumbai in a company like Oaks Management and Consultancy Pvt Ltd was another big step. It feels like NAME has no boundaries to learn and explore.

    Ashish Thakur - Batch-5

  • NAME is the best place you can find to study event management in Kolkata. This is a wonderful place. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, 10/10. The combination of the richness of shared experiences, the learning and the practical training that occurs in a ‘one room school house’ is just amazing. The course is excellent! One of the best I’ve been to in my career. Comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable presenters. Masterfully executed !

    Nikesh Kumar Agarwala - Batch-4

  • Being a part of the institute gave me great exposure and a chance to understand the event management industry. NAME has enhanced my skills which i can use in event industry. The faculties are very helpful and as they share their experience it makes easy for us to tackle the obstacles we face during events..

    Jainesh Surana - Batch-3

  • Managing Events is my passion and NAME helped me to follow my passion with both practical as well as the theoritical exposure.
    My course of Event management has helped me to gain more knowledge in the field of events as well as in all the aspects of life ……

    Nikhil Sharma - Batch-2

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