Ground Realities of Event Management Field

after-graduation-courses-1Planning an event is no easy task. There are a gazillion little details to keep in mind and unless they are dealt with the right way, there is utter chaos. That is why every event planner comes up with his (or her) own checklist, which helps in streamlining the task and ensures attendee satisfaction. That said, here are 10 event management tactics that can benefit every event planner. Take a look.

Planning ahead of time

Well, this one should go without saying. Proper planning is the key to success for event planners, and doing it well requires sufficient time. From contacting the best caterer to sending out invites to attendees, everything can be planned in a structured manner when there is ample time on hand.

Deciding on the theme

Even a decade ago, not many events had themes. Now, however, many events out there are based on themes, and everything from the decor to the food are prepared according to that. As such, deciding on this is necessary before planning anything else.

Preparing the list of speakers

Even if all of the proposed speakers have not confirmed their participation in writing, it makes sense to make a list of their names, just so arrangements can be made for them. Also, arrangements should be in place for a few additional speakers, just in case.

Designing the digital brochure

These days, where green events are all the rage, brochures made digitally and mailed to attendees and delegates have greater chances of being opened. It makes sense to design these ahead of time and mail them to everyone concerned.

Setting up social network accounts

Unless the parent organisation of the event already has social media accounts, it is good to set them up early and keep them active by posting regular updates. That way, it is much easier to stay connected to attendees and speakers. Popular social networks that can be tapped here include LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Running ads on these networks is also a good idea for improving exposure.

Confirming proper Wi-Fi connection at the venue

A few years ago, having Wi-Fi at an event venue was a luxury. Now, however, it has become an absolute necessity, as every attendee is expected to show up with a Wi-Fi enabled tablet or smartphone. As such, it is necessary to test out the connection before the event day.

Putting together an effective team

Event management is not a solo affair. From the tech team setting up the speakers, mic and projectors to the man bringing in flowers – everyone needs to work in tandem to make the event successful. As such, it is necessary to select efficient professionals, who can work together without getting into trouble with one another.

Contacting sponsors with time in hand

Sponsors need some time to print ads and brochures for distribution at events. So, the sooner they are informed about an upcoming event, the better. Also, giving them some space on the social networks (especially if they are paying a lot) can be considered professional courtesy. What’s more – chances are that the sponsors may want to promote the event on their own, which can increase exposure for the event.

Selecting an event app

An event app can make managing an event much easier and take a lot of stress off event managers. From sharing the brochure to staying in touch with attendees, everything can be done with the right event app, without going over the budget.

Deciding on the cleanup

This may not seem as much of a big deal, but can lead to quite a bit of trouble i it is not planned properly. The cleanup crew needs to be at the venue as soon as the event ends, clearing garbage and helping with dismantling any additional setups.

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