Habits of An Event Manager That Can Kill a Successful Event


Planning a successful event is a complex and elaborate affair. You have to juggle many balls at the same time. A successful event is a mix of organization and communication skills,and a bit of creativity. You might be wondering how some event managers are able to nail it while some fail miserably. Want to discover the habits that you must say goodbye to for becoming a successful event manager? If yes, then read on:

1.Poor Communicator

A successful event manager is an excellent communicator. While planning any event, you have to keep the communication lines open with the vendors and the clients. Share your plans and ideas openly with everyone. Any gap in communication will give rise to unnecessary complications.

2.You Do Not Have a Plan B

While planning an event, anything can go wrong. The weather may get bad or your equipment might not work. It is essential to have a plan B for everything. This saves your event from getting derailed.

3.You Do Not Utilize the Latest Technology

Technology helps you a lot in doing your job more efficiently. If you still rely on your pen and binding notebooks, check this habit. You cannot check-in the guests by hand. You don’t want them to wait in a long queue for their turn. Go the digital way. Technology has the solution for everything.

4.You Take too Many Responsibilities

We can understand that as an event manager you are under tremendous pressure. However, remember that you have only one pair of hands. You cannot do everything by yourself. Spread the work. If you do not trust your team members or staffs, then it’s difficult to accomplish any job. Identify the skills of your team members and give them responsibility accordingly.

5.You Cut Cost Where you Shouldn’t

It is important for an event manager to make sure that he delivers his job within the budget. However, it is more important to understand where to cut the costs and where not to. For instance, if you scrimped on the catering service, your guests might leave hungry. Labour cost is yet another issue. Make sure that you have enough helping hands to manage things.

You can easily avoid pitfalls while planning any successful event. If you check the above-mentioned habits, that will surely help you to become a successful event manager.

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