How Can Events Shape Brand Personality on Social Networking Platforms?

For brands, creating and sustaining an image among its target audience is quintessential. With the presence of social media helping brands in image building, events have a prominent role to play. Find out now!

Refining the brand of events on social platforms can be the same as trying on various personas while acting. Brands often experience issues while attempting to develop a whole new personality over social platforms. If you wish to fine-tune your brand over social media, it is important to write a persuading copy that taps into the emotions of your followers. Find out about 5 brand personalities that can be embodied on social media platforms for Event Management.

The Feel-Good Friend

You can post Inspirational quotes, Cool memes, Funny GIFs, Whimsical captions and Colorful images. The objective of this persona is to tap the emotion of happiness. For instance, in its posts on social media, The Museum of Ice Cream makes consistent use of bright colors that suit ice creams as well as various whimsical themes.

The Trusted Advisor

You have to post friendly advice from reputed personalities, insights about themes and events and more. This is an important persona for any Event Management Institute, and is regarded as a thought leader in the domain. People have to prove their own mettle whether they have a mindfulness event brand, yoga brand, rock music festival.

The Cool Curator

It is important to post various things, such as breaking news in the industry, sneak peeks of guest speakers or artists, in-the-know details, behind-the-scenes, novelty, excitement and more. For example, Newport Folk Festival is the most popular and oldest U.S folk festival. The social media presence of the brand taps into its deep association with both old and new folk superstars.

The Innovator

You have to post interesting content having a zing to it that will make readers like to know more. You will need to post on various things, such as articles, think pieces, videos that capture abnormal situations, video and images from new perspectives etc. These posts will tap the emotion of Curiosity. For instance, the posts of San Francisco Ballet have individual posts styled like sections chopped and pieced back similar to a visual puzzle.

The Tempter

As the tempter, you are supposed to know about the most scenic hiking locations and the best bars. Whether you are a fashionista, a travel inspirer or a foodie, your posts will perpetually make people wish to spend on something. You have to tap into the emotion of desire with videos and images of attendees relishing events, fantastic shots of drinks and refreshments, teasers of new performers or vendors at your upcoming event etc.

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