Event Management Institute, NAME has teamed up with Pro-kabaddi league 2017

The Indian sports scenario is often overshadowed by two of the most adrenaline charging sports- cricket and football; but one must not forget that the indigenous sports like Kabaddi that have seen a revival to the mainstream sports arena in the past few years. Today, apart from Indian Premier League and Football Premier League, Pro- Kabaddi has also entered the race. It is one of the unique sports events which involve national teams.

The VIVO Pro Kabaddi League was started in the year 2014 and since its inception; it has seen remarkable growth in the sports field and continues to grow with each passing year. Further, the fact that it has been accepted by the audience proves that a progressive country like India would never let go of its traditions, whether they be values and customs or sports.


As Pro-Kabaddi enters its fourth year, this league has become a massive sports event and planning, implementing and executing an event of such grandeur is a very hardworking task. But if special skills are added to this task; skills possessed by professional event management trainees or professional event managers in-the-making; then such large scale events are pulled off smoothly. Talking about event management, the first few words which come to the minds of the people are weddings, party, press conferences and the like. But sports league is also an event and it needs to be managed right from scratch.

This year, the students of The National Academy of Media and Events, the premier institute of training event management students in Eastern India is proud to be working with the Pro-Kabaddi team. The students would not only gain exposure in handling large scale events but also get hands-on experience from the best in the industry on managing sports events.


Event Management is a field where one needs to be on his toes all the time. Pro-activeness in ideating unique plans and trying to implement them and getting the desired results is a constant cycle in the field of event management. This can be best learnt on field rather than in theory. Hence, NAME makes sure to provide the students ample opportunities to face real life situations wherein they can put their theories to use and manage events on their own accord. Moreover working with the professionals opens a new window of learnings and experiences for the trainees. This is because  they are not only guided by the industry experts but also come face to face with their experiences , which would help them in the future to avoid the same mistakes or finding alternative ways to proceed with situations.


Events like the Pro Kabaddi League would intrigue people’s interest in the revival of this ancient game. Such events are a necessity to introduce to the newer generations a culture of games that they have been less exposed to in their lives. But for the event managers who work day and night to pull the events off, it would not be possible for the contemporary Indian audience to be exposed to such events which are necessary for the growth and development of the society.

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