One day to go for Pehchaan finale!

“Pehchaan- A journey to discover talents unknown” , Kolkata’s first Grass root talent hunt for the underprivileged sections of the society ; initiated by students of the National Academy of Media and Events , is all set for its finale. There is only one day to go before these children who were handpicked by Team Pehchaan and trained under the event partners- Sanghvi Dance Academy, M.A.D, ICanFlyy and Academy for Musical Excellence- will take to the City of Joy showcasing their talents.

The past month few months has been a whirlwind of a journey not only for the children but also for the students of Pehchaan. According to Ashish Thakur, “Pehchaan has been an enriching experience for everyone involved. We not just discovered talents, but we discovered a whole new world that exists around us. This experience will help us in being grounded and I really look forward to work more towards this section of society in future. And, yes! Big thank you to National Academy of Media and Events for taking us students through this lovely project.”


Kartik, who hails from outside Kolkata, re-discovered the city during this initiative. It was almost as if the city itself created a new Pehchaan for itself in his eyes. He comments, “Not being from Kolkata, I had roamed around the city in the past one year and had thought that I have seen the complete city. But I was wrong. We went into so many slums and localities of Kolkata, that I started feeling completely new to the city again. We have gathered wonderful talents under the roof of Pehchaan. Thanks to NAME for allowing us to do this.”

Sonal points out the relevance of the struggle that binds the organisers and the participants of this initiative. She says, “We also struggle in our day to day life in order to create our own Pehchaan and we are fortunate enough to have resources. But what about these kids who are so talented but just because money speaks everywhere, these kids are mumb. Thanks to NAME for giving us this opportunity to explore and I’m very happy to be a part of this wonderful project.”

The children have been divided into four groups – singing, dancing, drama and art and craft. All the children are excited to be a part of Pehchaan. During this journey it was found that all these children needed was just a push and a platform to shine and Pehchaan has come as just that platform in their lives.

Shruti Mondal is a participant in the singing category. She hails from Beler Haat and says, ” I’m very excited to perform on such a big stage. I had never imagined of something like this would happen. Pehchaan has given me a big opportunity to explore my talents. I just wish that I can continue with the training even after Pehchaan.” Loknath Sen , who is a participant from the dance category says that he is dancing since he was a kid but has never performed anywhere. He is happy to get the training and is excited to perform on the main stage. After Pehchaan, he will look forward to such opportunity because now he wants to make his career in dance. Gudiya is an orphan and stays in a shelter home. She has a younger brother who stays with some sundry relations. Gudiya wants to become an actor so that she can appear on television and people can get to know her. Gudiya is not sad but is rather happy about her life journey because it’s getting better everyday. Rinki Tondon from Taratalla creates amazing craftworks from cold-drink straw. She makes beautiful key-rings and door hangings. Her hand- made items are very beautiful and is eligible to be sold easily.


Pehchaan as an initiative has gained tremendous support from the people of Kolkata. In fact, the children even went live on-air with Jimmy Tangree and gave a glimpse of their singing talents prior to the Grand Finale. Indian celebrities like Suhel Seth, tabla maestro Bickram Ghosh, actress Manisha Koirala and many others have supported this initiative with open hearts.

Pehchaan is not just an event; it is an emotional journey which started a few months back and would be culminating with the Grand Finale on the 7th of July 2017. With specially curated acts by these students for the people, they would find immense encouragement if the city cheers for them in the G.D Birla Sabhaghar ; witnessing their hard work and talents. Thus, N.A.M.E invites each and every one of you to come to witness the final stage of this journey.

The stage is set!
The children are ready.
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