Pehchaan! Meet Kolkata’s Hidden Talents

Pehchaan- the student -led grass-root talent search initiative of the National Academy of Media and Events (N.A.M.E) has successfully finished off with its first round of auditions. It has been designed and is being executed by the student body of N.A.M.E with guidance from their mentors and industry partners. The aim, of this project, is to find out talents from the underprivileged sections and bring them to the society. It has been seen that the lower strata of the society is often the most neglected one, thereby having less or no resources to portray their inner aptitude to the world . Thus, the students of N.A.M.E planned the project around giving a name and a Pehchaan to these young talents.

The children have four categories to participate in – singing, dancing, acting and arts and crafts- and each category have two age groups. After an initial round of auditions (which is currently in progress), the selected children would be trained by the industry partners- Sangvi Dance Academy, Academy of Musical Excellence, Persona and Mad About Drama (M.A.D) . Another round of auditions would follow after which a final few would be selected and trained further for the ultimate showcasing of their talents in the Mega event which is to be held in July.

Our experiences have led us to various schools, shelter homes and NGO’s who work with the underprivileged sections of the society. Apart from finding outstanding talent in the children; we have also come across some heart -wrenching stories regarding their background. Our journeys lead us to a shelter home which has been family to Saina Khatoon for the past seven years. Though originally from Sealdah, she came to this shelter home when her mother struggled to make ends meet after she lost her father. Having idolized Prabhu Deva, Saina performed a contemporary dance style during her audition and won our hearts immediately. She has been chosen to undergo workshops by our dance training partner- Sangvi Dance Academy. According to her, “I’m very happy that I got selected. I know that I can’t show my talent to the world but I’m very happy that Pehchaan came to us and we at least got a chance to show it to you.”

Pehchaan is a process of self discovery and transformation for both the children and the organisers. Not only are the children finding out their talents and showcasing it; and in the process getting groomed in their fields; but also the students organising the event are undergoing an emotional journey which would be etched in their minds for a long time. Such is the story of Ragina Kalpana Molla who moved out of her home in 2008 because her step- father ‘hated her’; and has been living in a shelter home in Sealdah since then. She sang a melodious Bollywood song and earned accolades for her performance from the judging team. She would be trained further by the Academy of Musical Excellence. Ragina had a smile on her face while holding the Pehchaan form and said, “I am very happy to get this opportunity and I am very thankful to team Pehchaan that you gave me a chance to perform and I have no words to express my happiness.


Team Pehchaan believes that if each one of you can come forward and register one such underprivileged child, then there will be scope for more children to step out of their routine confines and show their hidden talents to the world. If you know a child having the ability to dance, sing, act or even produce beautiful artistic works, then do register him/her with Team Pehchaan through their online portal (


Thus team Pehchaan would like to make an appeal to the people of the city- Kolkata Come Forward – to make Pehchaan realize its ultimate goal of providing a name and recognition to these talented children with your help!




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