Puja Movie Making Contest!

If you have a story about the Pujas, and the passion within, to tell it in a film, we would like to give you the platform to bring it alive.

Use your DSLR or handycam or even your cell phone to tell your story; after all we believe that whatever the constraints, true creativity cannot and should not be held back!

Apart from a cash prize of Rs 10,000/- for the best film, we will also be offering scholarships to candidates with not just the caliber, but also the passion to bring forth their creativity.

So hurry! Shoot your film and tell your story!

Nothing to lose… with a chance to showcase your creativity!

Closing date: November 6 th 2016
Phone No: 9830244321
E-mail: filmthepujas@gmail.com
Duration: 3 minutes

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