The Best 5 Event Blogs That Will Educate You On Your Event Planning Profession

Event planning is not a new profession against the accepted principle. Actually, you can trace back the tales of event planners in Egypt to 30 BC. However, the current situation of the event industry is not like earlier, meaning it requires event profs to crack down on lots of dissimilar aspects. The present industry is so detailed and dynamic that whether the individual is a novice or an experienced, he/she has to go after some thought innovators. If you are an event pro, here is a list of top five event blogs that will definitely enlighten you.

  1. Event Manager Blog

The blog includes content on How to Articles, Event Technology, and Trends, and Event Ideas, all of which are often updated with better and fresher content. You can find the newest industry news, as well, on the Event Manager Blog. Besides blogs, it has an ensemble compilation of worthy reading e-books. Additionally, you can also do some courses in event management through the website.

  1. BizBash

As a North American-based blog, BizBash is completely devoted to the event industry. Since its inception in 2000, the company has been considered the most sought-after resource amid many worldwide event professionals. This is because you can find a variety of content, associated with event ideas, the latest news about the industry, and technology trends in the industry. The blog has some publications, as well, such as e-books, magazines, guides, etc.

  1. Social Tables:

Social Tables is the most preferred event management gateway amid the most renowned event industry experts. They can find an assortment of useful content for every professional working in the industry. The blog focuses on the hospitality domain, as well.

  1. Hubilo

As an event tech business, Hubilo offers a comprehensive and effective automated event management application. The business has appealing blogs, as well, which are regularly updated. Here, as an event prof, you can find much helpful content, ranging from the event planning basics to the latest news in the industry. The website of the company has several comprehensive blogs, educating readers on all aspects of event planning.

  1. Event Tech Brief

within a short span of time, Event Tech Brief has become the most sought-after blog amid many aspiring and experienced event planners on the earth. It has transformed the whole face of the event business after the digital revolution. It plays a vital role in helping event planners to know the important aspects of their profession.

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