The Scope Of Being Successful In The Field Of Event Planning And Management

Event management has gained huge prominence and rising popularity in today’s culture. It is a constructive way of serving the needs of others and gathers positive feedback from across the world. No matter what kind of an event is organised an event manager makes sure that the show is on with the proper resources and the mass is liking it. Event management is a significant tool in every field where a vast number of people is involved. It may be in the corporate sector or maybe in the area of tourism or maybe hotel management etc. The contribution of event planning in this sector is significant and has given constant support always. There are multiple opportunities in this excellent career option. One will find semblance while working and have new challenges every day. The following are the list of the positions that can be opted. They are as follows.

Corporate field

Well, all multinational companies conduct conferences and meetings to come in contact with the different types of clients across the globe. Brands selling products also requires advertisement campaigns. All these activities involve a set of professionals. Therefore their job positions will be:

  • Meeting Organiser
  • Event and activities planner
  • Conference organiser
  • Exhibition planner
  • Convention planner
  • Marketing planner

The list is endless. All these people add value to the respective company in their way. These are also called profitable positions

Events in hotels and restaurants

Different types of shows, marriages and even festival celebrations are organised in hotels. Such kind of preparation and arrangement requires a considerable workforce and sufficient resources and proper planning. There are varying positions for multiple works.

  • Catering manager- One who would look for the food, the way it’s served and maintain quality too.
  • Host for welcoming the guest
  • Bartender for serving drinks to the people
  • Banquet managers for taking care and maintaining the venue.


Event managers in tourism work for various positions such as a vacation in beautiful resorts, or maybe cruise ships, different types of grand tours etc.

The different job positions are as follows:

  • Tourism organiser and manager
  • Resort activity manager
  • Resort Coordinator
  • Tourism promotion manager
  • Management of public relations

There are various options depends on the field in which a person is working. The equivalent increase of people travelling gave a new light to people working in tourism.

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