Tips and Tricks to Smart Wedding Shopping of Designer Clothes

Everyone knows that they have to shell out quite a handsome amount for designer-wears since they will get a good craftsmanship and original designs. But, nowadays, brides prefer having replica to cut down costs. Experts recommend budget brides to – a) make smart decision regarding their shopping or b) contact small designers.

Here are some suggestions that can save a good deal on designer shopping for wedding. Check them out…

A Guide to Smart Wedding Shopping

  • Shop in off-season

Shopping designer items during off-season is profitable since you will get good discounts from retailers. The right time of shopping is just before new collection hit the market. Pick something timeless!

  • Go for lighter lehengas instead of the bridal ones

Want to wear a designer lehenga but don’t like to shell out huge bucks? Opting for lighter lehengas in such a scenario is a good idea. A simple lehenga can be dressed up with heavy jewelry and given bridal touch with heavy dupatta.

  • Shop only for ‘Sangeet’ or ‘Engagement’

Vendors start conspiring about the budget when they hear the term “wedding”. So, it is best to hide the purpose of shopping at some occasions. For instance, they will ask low price for engagement lehengas hoping that you will buying outfit from that vendor.

  • Don’t mention who the bride is

Never ever tell the vendor that you are the bride and it is your wedding. Then, they will display only the costliest pieces. It is better to represent oneself as the relative of groom or bride so that they show the lighter stuffs.

  • Mix and match designer wears

You can purchase a designer lehenga and make the blouse according to your style. Similar mix and matching off-beat and designer stuffs will reduce the budget considerably.

  • Go for one dupatta only or DIY the second one, if prefer two dupatta

Two sets designer dupatta might cost you heavily. So, you can pick one dupatta only or DIY the second one with ornamental items from local market.

  • Look for bridal exhibitions and sales

This is recommended to all would be brides. You should take full advantage of exhibitions and sales because they showcase trends of a particular season. Moreover, designers also give massive discounts in such exhibitions and sales.

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for discount

This is something that most of us feel embarrassed to ask for. There is no harm to try. Who knows, it might make a difference!

Besides, you can keep an eye on online designers and get discounted price for your wedding garments.  Smart shopping is the ultimatum!

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