Tips to Tame Stress During Wedding Planning

wedding-planning-in-Kolkata-800x510Planning a wedding can be really hectic and make the most organized planner feel overwhelmed. You have to constantly juggle between the wedding activities and other wedding planning demands put by family members. It is normal to feel stressed; however, too much of stress can affect your physical and mental well-being. Here are a few tips for diffusing the stress while you work on planning the wedding:

1.Identify the Source of Stress

Before you take steps to address stress, find out what is causing it. Are you overwhelmed with the to-do list? Or is it the budget that is bugging you constantly?

Are the vendors not complying with your instructions? Anything can result in stress. Luckily, you can manage each of them once you identify it. Sit down and organize things around you. If it’s the budget, talk to your staffs and see where you can adjust it. If the vendors are giving you nightmares, then probably you haven’t got the right ones.

2.Do not Compromise with Diet

We understand that the job is very hectic but, you have to be kind to yourself. Do not skip meals because you have lots of work to do. Eat a right and balanced diet. Load your diets with fruits and vegetables. Include whole grains in your diet plan. Eating a balanced diet will help your body to cope with stress.

3.Get a Good Night Sleep

A good night sleep recharges your brain and helps you remain active. Do not deprive yourself of sleep. Doing that will make you feel lethargic all day long and you’ll end up feeling tired.

4.Take Your Time off

It is true that wedding planning does not leave you with your “me” time. If you are feeling stressed due to the planning process, ask for help. See how much work you can manage yourself and how much you can delegate to others. Let go of the control for some time. Trust the people around you and take some time off.

5.Don’t Worry too Much About Small Things

You cannot take a note of every intricate detail. You might not get the right flowers that you ordered and even the type of chairs might not match your expectations. Don’t be fussy about such things. No one will notice if any one detail is missing.

We hope that you’ll find these tips helpful. On this note, if you are planning to get yourself enrolled in wedding planning course, check our courses. We offer a compact wedding planning 6 months certification course.

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