The National Academy of Media and Events (NAME) in Kolkata offer courses in event management and Communication with the purpose to produce fully trained professionals for the booming Event Industry. During the course itself, our students work on various events with event companies to get hands on training and by the end of their course they curate their own event, which they execute start to end under the guidance of the Academy mentors and industry faculties. Their ability to design and implement such projects forms the basis of assessing their skills in the field level. This year, our students have designed a unique social project called ‘Pehchaan – A journey to discover talents unknown’.

“Pehchaan- A journey to discover talents unknown” is a Grass-root talent hunt, that aims is to find talented kids from the lesser privileged section of our city and showcase the best among them through a stage event. The main objective of developing this project is to discover such hidden & unknown talents & help them shine through our platform after training them through alliances formed with experts.

Germination of the idea:

Metaphorically speaking, NAME stands for recognition, an identity, and a Pehchaan. This idea came from the name itself. We believe that talent exists in every strata of the society. But, those from the lesser privileged backgrounds do not have adequate resources and platforms to represent themselves, and thus their talents are lost with time. With this initiative, our Students want to use their event management skills for the betterment of the society. They wish to create a stage for the lesser known, the lesser privileged kids that can help in giving the unknown talents recognition and motivation.

This would only help in eliminating the disparity that often exists in an, old manner, between the privileged class who can afford to venture into different means to highlight their talents; and the under-privileged class who do not have the support or the means to showcase their qualities and earn recognition in whatever little way possible.

Our Associate:

Rotary International, a global body, headquartered in the USA, is the largest non- government organization comprising about 1.2 million members in over 200 countries, working for welfare of mankind. Rotary Club of Calcutta Visionaries, born in 2013 is a part of this great movement. Only three years old, it is doing exemplary social work not only in Kolkata and its surroundings but elsewhere in the country. We are happy to associate with the prestigious social group, who are supporting us in this initiative.


Categories & Eligibility:

The four categories for participation are:

  • Singing – Final Candidates would be trained by the experts and they will get to deliver a final solo/group Performance.
  • Dancing – Candidates would be trained by the experts and deliver a final solo and group stage dance Performance.
  • Acting/drama – Final candidates would be trained by a theatre group and they will put up a play as their final performance.
  • Art and Craft- A final selection of the paintings/ sketches and craft items would be exhibited on the main event.

    Each category has two Age Groups.

    Group 1: Age 7-12 years                               Group 2: Age 13-18years


  1. Registration: Children need to be registered under any four different categories. There’s no compulsion to register via their school/ngo or any organisation, the talent can register with us directly and there’s no cost involved in registrations. The last date for registrations is 10th of May 2017.
  2. Auditions 1st Round: The first round of auditions will begin from the 1st of May 2017. It would take place  Centre/School or an area wise suitable location.
  3. Workshops: Special talent enhancement workshop will be held for The first round of selected kids in every category. this will be conducted by industry experts from Kolkata with an aim to share expert knowledge and encourage the students to enhance their skills in a polished manner
  4. Auditions 2nd Round: After the first round of workshop, There will be a second round of auditions to choose some of the best talents who would display their skills during the stage event.
  5. Training: Complete training in all aspects would be given to prepare the kids for a stage performance.
  6. Main stage event: The main stage event is due to be held in the month of July. Kolkata will witness the performances of such talents at the Pehchaan stage. The event will culminate by giving away awards and recognition to the best performers in the presence of the media and other eminent personalities from the industry.


Kolkata Come Forward

We believe that each one of us, as a citizen of Kolkata, can contribute to the cause by registering the name of one such talent near us for Pehchaan. It will be an extraordinary contribution that could help a kid shine. Please help us connect with Schools/ NGOs/ or any individual kid who you think can benefit from such a platform.

We invite students from other schools and colleges to join our team for this cause. They can work with us and be part of Team Pehchaan. We would be happy to offer a official certificate as mark of their contribution made for Pehchaan Talent hunt.


We’ll get back to you within 24h on business days.



  • ” The Event Industry in East India is growing & It’s good to see an event academy in Kolkata giving the young aspirants complete training as per Industry requirements. I had a wonderful interaction with NAME students. They are full of energy & have eagerness to learn. We would be happy to have them working in for our events in Bombay as well.”

    Mr. Deepak Choudhury, Founder Event Capital, & author of Event management book, STAGED.

  • The team from NAME has had a big role to play in our event ‘India Speed Week’. Through a skeleton group before the event and the whole group during the event, The Institution actively participated with us, at every stage. I salute to the entire group of students, its faculty & managers in pulling this off bravely and successfully for us and with us. I will look forward to NAME’s enthusiastic participation in the future as well.


  • The first thing I noticed about the Academy and its students is the spirit of creativity and positivity. As a visiting faculty, it was a very welcome change from many of the other institutions I have taught in. The willingness to try out new concepts and ideas, the infectious enthusiasm was very encouraging. The students seemed to be quite well-informed about many concepts and premises which made the session extremely interesting.


  • Students of NAME are hard working and well-trained.They worked well with our team. We will continue to engage more with the students and the institute.


  • I think NAME is very beneficial for discovering choices. It has helped kids, know themselves better and become leaders. we support NAME’s initiatives to train students and It has also found a way to give back to the event industry by providing us trained workforce.


  • NAME is an Institute which produces serious professionals having sound knowledge in Event Planning and Management. We take interns to create a solid professional team for our upcoming Events from this Institute.



  • NAME is the best place you can find to study event management in Kolkata. This is a wonderful place. I would recommend it in a heartbeat, 10/10. The combination of the richness of shared experiences, the learning and the practical training that occurs in a ‘one room school house’ is just amazing. The course is excellent! One of the best I’ve been to in my career. Comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable presenters. Masterfully executed !


  • Being a part of the institute gave me great exposure and a chance to understand the event management industry. NAME has enhanced my skills which i can use in event industry. The faculties are very helpful and as they share their experience it makes easy for us to tackle the obstacles we face during events..


  • Managing Events is my passion and NAME helped me to follow my passion with both practical as well as the theoritical exposure.
    My course of Event management has helped me to gain more knowledge in the field of events as well as in all the aspects of life ……


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